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A random story from the archives

Millions of jobs have gone to the machines – and now at the top end too!
Dateline: 26 September 2020
It was way back in 2012 that we predicted that by 2022, your boss would be a machine. We were wrong. It’s happened this year, 2020, a full two years earlier. And it’s not some semi-smart robot taking over a drudge job on the factory line. That’s old news. Instead, BeyondBlue, the world’s latest neural...

Older stories

A supercomputer in your pocket
New memory chips to power the smart net of everything
Dateline: 14 September 2028
We’re accustomed to new smartphone models being announced every year or two, promising faster chips and better battery life, but not much else. This time it’s different. Apple’s 2028 iPhone is the first phone that can really lay claim to being a portable supercomputer. Using memory and data technology previously only found in server farms...
China unlocks massive gas reserves
Coal gasification and hydrates remove the need for imported gas
Dateline: 9 September 2032
As part of China’s transition from coal to solar power, the country has been investing heavily in developing new smaller nuclear plants, and also consuming vast quantities of natural gas. With over half this supply coming from imports, China desperately needed new resources. Now two sources of ‘unconventional’ gas are being tapped. Scientists have developed...
Breakup of the century
Space Station plans for scheduled disassembly
Dateline: 1 September 2031
Nasa has issued an urgent instruction cancelling all future ‘tourist’ visits to the International Space Station, and has announced preliminary plans for the breakup of the station into separate modules prior to retrieval or deorbiting. The shock announcement came as further cracks in the Russian-built Zarya module threatened to compromise the integrity of the orbiting...
Exponential tech kills carbon habits
No demand for fossil fuel industries, or their products
Dateline: 27 August 2036
Industrial Age businesses, most of which depended on fossil fuels for their commercial success, have simply not survived the exponential technologies unleashed by the post-digital era. They’ve become economically obsolete. In the early Twenties, energy, transport and food were identified as the biggest emissions culprits, and blamed for 90% of our negative influence on the...
Biden bows out
America no longer top cop in World Police
Dateline: 18 August 2024
President Joe Biden has withdrawn from running for a second term as POTUS, citing his advanced age and ‘personal reasons’. But many believe it’s because, under his watch, the United States has lost its position as chief enforcer of global governance. It started with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, when Kabul fell within days to...
No chip? No job.
Augmented humans only need apply
Dateline: 13 August 2033
Natural humans are at a decided disadvantage these days. Not only are we competing with robots and smart computer systems – no one talks about “artificial intelligence” anymore – but we also have to hold our own against people who have had an ‘upgrade’; augmented human beings. Not that this comes as a surprise. For...
Thorium set to ride the solar wave
China’s Thorium Molten Salt Reactor goes commercial
Dateline: 8 August 2032
A decade ago, Shanghai scientists completed testing of a prototype small nuclear reactor using thorium as fuel and molten salt as the coolant. Now the first commercial power plant using this technology has connected to China’s grid. Although small by traditional nuclear reactor standards, at 100MW the new plant can power up to 100,000 homes,...
From supercycle to spin cycle
Commodities crash as circular economy kicks in
Dateline: 30 July 2031
It was common cause that all global growth, all added economic value, came ultimately from two sources – agriculture and mining. Even manufacturing relied on raw material inputs, and everything else was just supporting activity. But that was before the digital age. Now services account for 80% of all economic output, virgin mining is declining...
I used to drive a supercomputer
Now my car runs my startup banking business
Dateline: 22 July 2025
Electric cars have come a long way, and because they can virtually drive themselves, they’re packed with computer chips and smart software that makes the typical model more powerful than 350 laptops. And they’ve got hyper cloud connectivity to boot! When I was a freelance consultant and expected to commute to clients, my office was...
Smart Nutrition beats Animal Farm
Engineered protein means steak without the slaughter
Dateline: 1 July 2030
The focus on electric cars and solar power has not achieved global climate action targets. With greenhouse gas emissions from animal farming far exceeding those of transport, the leverage point was never really going to be with planes or trains. In 2024, once coronavirus was finally brought under control, the EU and United States could...