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Drink up and innovate with creativity on tap
Dateline: 7 May 2017

Now creativity and inspiration are simply a matter of popping a couple of pills and taking a drink of tonic. A new supplement for Alzheimer’s patients, taken in combination with ‘smart drinks’ has been proven to boost your IQ, energy levels and creativity.

In addition, bio-hackers are using smart games and apps to improve their cognitive skills and brain functions. “You don’t need drugs,” says one enthusiast. “Our latest app upgrades your brain with about 3 IQ points per year, if you use it regularly. You can play it on the tube.”

But serious smart-aholics go the whole hog, with capsules of choline and micronutrients, washed down by the latest energy drinks, concocted from modified strains of caffeine, ginseng and gingko, and laced with amino-acids. With a side order of whey protein. Followed by some mental gymnastics.

It’s not just geeks and students who are jumping on this band wagon. Business executives are ‘upgrading’ themselves, and keeping their brains in tiptop condition. From advertising creatives to investment experts, everyone can benefit from better functioning brains. You can’t let Google make you look stupid.

So if you feel you need a surge of creativity and inspiration to turn your business around, or just compete with the next crop of high-flyers, perhaps you’d better start with feeding and training your brain!

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Warning: Hazardous Thinking at Work

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