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The new connection platform that makes the business of living a pleasure
Dateline: 30 October 2024

I’ve got a new friend, a virtual friend. A friend that really gets me, and my daily routine. A friend that takes care of all my needs, from keeping the fridge full to paying the rent on time. From billing my fees to investing my savings.

Ten years ago we called it a bank. Now it’s just “U”. U for understanding, U for unlimited, U for unbridled enthusiasm. U for universal. U for uber-everything. That’s all I need to keep my world functioning smoothly. I admit I’m in love with U. I’d be lost without U. I trust U.

I’m a freelance digital developer, self-employed. I work virtually; I have a globally-distributed client base, and my skills are in high demand. My professional and personal lives are so deeply entangled it’s impossible to unravel them, put them in different boxes. Sometimes I collaborate with partners on my bigger projects; sometimes I collaborate on other peoples’ projects. Sometimes I work for U.

You might think of U as a smart bank, but it’s really a marketplace facilitator; a commercial platform enabler; a funding and sourcing adviser; a value processing system. It’s also a trusted data aggregator and the top priveracity provider. Which is hardly surprising; U and I invented priveracity.

People call me an innovateur. I understand the complexities of technology, relationships, commercial and social success. I’ve built pop-up companies and reinvented whole industries. I’m easy-going and smart. But no one understands me like U.

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Warning: Hazardous Thinking at Work

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