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Like Queen Victoria, King Charles is "not amused"
Dateline: 17 October 2025
In its most audacious move yet, media, entertainment and telecoms giant Doogle has ‘bought’ England to operate it as a giant tourist resort. This crowns Doogle’s empire-building, which has seen it bailing out cash-strapped areas of Europe, including Tuscany in Italy, Germany’s Rhine Castle district and the Spanish holiday coast, in exchange for managing them...

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Here’s to the mavericks!
When it pays to be unreasonable
Dateline: 10 July 2025
In recent years, there’s been a quest, on social media and the like, to appeal to reason, and search for a reasonable response to any contentious issue. Which is fair enough; we know that extremism is a hugely destructive force. There’s even a legal test of reasonableness; in any given case, what would the reasonable...
Tesla stock hits $5,000
Irrational exuberance overcomes investor fundamentals
Dateline: 30 June 2026
In the 16 years since its IPO, Tesla has seen incredible volatility and incredible resilience. Now it is at an all-time high, and investors keep piling in, hoping for further multiples on their stakes. “When Tesla hit $1,000, Baron told us he expected further multiples in the future, and he was right!” said one trader...
Shaking the magic money tree
What happens when the fruit stops dropping?
Dateline: 27 June 2024
It’s only natural to spend your way out of a crisis. When you’re feeling blue, there’s nothing like a little retail therapy to lift your mood. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Faced with a big problem? Throw some money at it! But when governments do it, the rest of us better...
All truth, no lies?
Checking up on the Ministry of Truth
Dateline: 3 July 2029
Covid-19 was a problem, for sure. But misinformation and fake news turned out to be an even bigger virus that needed to be managed. Between Trump and deep fakes, the last couple of years have shown us that a Ministry of Truth might actually do more good than harm. If we have agencies safeguarding and...
The Heavenly Palace opens for visitors
If you’re visiting space, you now have a choice of destinations
Dateline: 13 June 2029
For a long time, international astronauts and would-be space tourists had only one destination available in orbit, the International Space Station or ISS. Now there’s another one, China’s Heavenly Palace. Interest in space travel surged in the early ‘20s, when SpaceX successfully delivered astronauts to the ISS using its reusable rockets, and promises of private...
You can’t always rely on AI
Trust the data, unless it’s horribly wrong
Dateline: 2 June 2024
Over the past few years, we’ve been blown away by the exponential improvements in computing in general, and in artificial intelligence in particular. From beating all opponents in the game of Go to driving autonomous cars and diagnosing cancer, it seemed that AI could outperform human players, drivers, and doctors at every turn. Until it...
Natural is the new synthetic
Plastic, glass and drugs come from microbes, not minerals
Dateline: 29 May 2030
For close on a century now, we’ve been making materials out of petroleum products and minerals; things that drive the modern consumer society like plastics, fuels, and food additives. What’s more, our never-ending population boom needs larger crops every year. It’s not like we’re running short of commodities like oil and maize, but mining and...
Super steel for aerospace
Stronger than titanium, better than aluminium
Dateline: 12 May 2027
Elon Musk caused quite a stir when SpaceX decided to build their new Starship rocket out of stainless steel, rather than titanium alloys or carbon composites. But for sheer strength and durability, you can’t beat steel. It’s also more economical. “I’m in love with steel,” tweeted Elon, and to prove it, Tesla launched their CyberTruck,...
Electric cars and trucks are here to stay
Cities insist on cleaner air despite the slump in oil
Dateline: 15 May 2030
They’ve slowly been making inroads into the mainstream transport paradigm, but now electric cars are the mainstream – and trucks are right behind them. Ten years ago, cities from Shanghai to Venice to New York were treated to weeks of fresh air and cleaner rivers, courtesy of coronavirus shutdowns. It was remarkable how quickly air...
Living the lockdown legacy
Things are very different in this new world order
Dateline: 7 May 2026
Life ‘beyond Covid’ is strangely different from what went before the pandemic. Most obvious is the reluctance of governments and national leaders to relinquish their newfound powers of decree. What a wonderful time it was, for despots and democratically elected leaders alike! Given a golden opportunity to declare states of emergency and national disasters, most...

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