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Life found in space - but not quite what we thought
Dateline: 25 December 2018
The world awoke this Christmas morning to the dramatic news that the answer to one of the great questions of all time had been found – we are not alone in the universe! But the discovery of life on a distant planet with the unprepossessing name of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb is hardly the stuff of science fiction....

Older stories

Bank your DNA
And monetize it on the blockchain
Dateline: 5 March 2026
We’re all unique, and we’re all the same. We all have the same number of chromosomes, but each one of us – all eight billion – has a unique genetic fingerprint, our DNA sequence. It’s the ultimate biometric identifier for the individual, and a powerful source of digital data. In the last few years, we’ve...
Stop the game, I want to get off
Meme trading is killing the market
Dateline: 27 February 2024
Over time, financial markets have become increasingly sophisticated, offering far more than stocks, bonds and commodity futures for investors and traders. Now we have derivatives, ETFs, funds of funds, as well as cryptos, crypto funds, and shorts and calls on everything you can imagine – even the national debt of sovereign countries. It’s become a...
Quantronics is the next big thing
Nanomaterials spawn new tech industries
Dateline: 18 February 2025
Many of us grew up in the exciting world of electronic components replacing electro-mechanical devices. Transistors, resistors and solid-state controllers; soon it was all about integrated circuits, microprocessors, and computer chips. The semi-conductor industry was born, and Moore’s Law took over. And for decades, the exponential improvements – more bang for the buck – seemed...
We’re all zombies now
And giant tech pulls the strings
Dateline: 12 February 2027
It’s finally beginning to dawn on us, that we’ve given up so much of our individual will, that we may as well accept that we’re living lives out of our control. We’ve become zombies. For most of us, this has been a relatively painless and voluntary process. We were happy to sign on to social...
Your vaccine needs a software update
It's easy to install the latest anti-virus patch
Dateline: 5 February 2026
You’ve got the latest multi-protection vaccine – or so you thought, but now it turns out there’s a new mutation of the SMERS-CoV-6 virus that needs a tweak to the inoculation. But don’t despair, because there’s an update in the works. Now that bio-printed medications and vaccines are fully digitally designed and constructed, with the...
Facebook buys Iceland
Tech giant relocates to cooler climate
Dateline: 29 January 2024
Facing increased pressure from government to toe the line and actively police their users’ posts, Facebook has decided to lower the temperature both politically and physically by moving its entire operation to Iceland. The frozen nation was reeling from the economic effects of pandemic lockdowns, travel bans and social support. So much so, that a...
Green is the new black
Oil stocks tumble as President Biden backs the #BuildBackBetter meme
Dateline: 22 January 2023
Coal is dead in the ground, except for India and China, and even there, they’re long past the peak. Now oil stocks are tumbling, as electric vehicles soar, and solar is as cheap as chips. It’s all thanks to US President Biden’s staunch support for #BuildBackBetter, a global movement which sought to capitalize on the...
Party like it’s your birthday, every day
The Roaring Twenties are back!
Dateline: 3 September 2023
The dancing shoes have been dusted off and the champagne fountains are overflowing. After more than two years of being cooped up indoors, humanity is now venturing out again en masse. To the rooftop bars, the discos, the street cafes. Our homes are empty, except for the absolute necessity of sleeping every night. You see,...
It pays to be direct
Whose customer is it anyway?
Dateline: 9 January 2025
One of the more visible trends during the pandemic years was the pivot towards direct sales to customers, also known as ‘D2C’. Big brands embraced direct selling in a big way, using every channel and social medium open to them. As more and more consumers shop online, direct-to-consumer brands have taken the industry by storm....
New Year is for the birds
And the bees, and the fish and the trees
Dateline: 1 January 2023
After the last three years of pandemic-depressed New Year’s celebrations, we’ve got something to shout about at last. Coronavirus is finally on its way out, and we can breathe easy again. It’s been a battle of wits, politics and medical science, but ultimately biotech innovation has won the war. Not only have we developed breakthrough...

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