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Modified crops produce food and drink with that feel-good factor
Dateline: 26 July 2017
It’s unusual for innovation in California to develop outside of Silicon Valley, but this time it’s Napa Valley that’s making the headlines. Vineyards and farms in the area are causing a storm among foodies with their products that give you a ‘natural’ high. Since marijuana was legalized across half the United States, it’s easy enough...

Older stories

Boeing and Airbus in a tail-spin as the allure of personal planes hits air travel
Dateline: 16 July 2020
As the holiday season gets into full swing, some of the major air hubs in Europe and the USA are comfortably quiet. Chicago, Atlanta, Amsterdam and London’s major airports are reporting the lowest passenger numbers for a decade. “We’re back to the passenger numbers of the late 1990s”, said British Airports Authority CEO, Mark Savage,...
Dramatic pre-emptive rescue on Cape Town's Table Mountain
Dateline: 12 September 2009
Herman Olifant, fifty years old and heavily overweight, should have taken more care climbing the steep slopes of Platteklip Gorge on Table Mountain, Cape Town. Feeling faint, he rested in the shade of some trees. He looked up at his wife, said “I don’t feel so good,” and fell over, unconscious – into the arms...
Anti-spam movement creates massive push for change
Dateline: 12 February 2010
The global advertising industry has called for an unprecedented week-long emergency session in New York, under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, to explore possible solutions and the economic implications of an industry under threat. What once was seen to be the ineffectual protestations of a few radicals has become a formidable groundswell of...
Your children could be your worst nightmare
Dateline: 1 April 2021
Dr Curtis Strange of Strange Industries – the secretive Russian biotech lab – has a new baby. He has cloned Elvis Presley. Dr Strange has developed a reputation for controversial publicity stunts. In 2017 he brought Adolf Hitler back to life and put him on trial for war crimes. The televised images of a confused...
Unlimited supply ignites world-wide turbulence
Dateline: 15 September 2008
Conventional wisdom had it for a long time that oil and gas was formed from the remains of plants and animals buried millions of years ago. Now we know that oil and gas can be formed abiotically through subterranean heat and pressure, and that the Earth contains a virtually endless supply – oil is the...
Venture capital is frozen by fear of failure
Dateline: 15 March 2007
Disappointing employment growth numbers out of the United States highlights the deepening employment crisis. Growth is positive, profits are up but there are few new jobs. American workers are in despair. Bob Halpern of the ‘Let’s keep Americans working’ campaign says “We have seen millions of jobs exported, and one in five graduates are now...
Government, retailers and manufacturers turn on Sony
Dateline: 1 December 2009
UK retailers ganged up on Sony just in time for the Christmas season yesterday. Claiming that Sony’s new ClothesMan II product would seriously stall sales of washing machines, tumble driers, steam irons and all sorts of washing materials, retailers have barred sales of Sony’s products until “at least March next year”. John French, CE of...
Cannes advertising first for technology that wows the family
Dateline: 19 June 2008
At the annual International Advertising Awards festival the overall winner of the Grand Prix was, for the first time, an ad for a refrigerator. The LG iSpy Homenet fridge also won the Innovative Marketing award from the Global Society of Marketers last month. It works just like any other fridge, keeping food fresh and drinks...
Coca Cola, McDonalds, Unilever and Nestle in the firing line
Dateline: 15 November 2008
In a surprisingly quick and controversial judgement the food industry has been served the most dangerous curved ball in its long history. The fast-food industry was first to feel the wrath of consumer power in 2004 but today’s judgement puts the entire food industry on the line to accurately label their foods, to include prominent...
Desperate measures to avert political turmoil and ideological clashes
Dateline: 16 January 2009
The old USA is no more. It’s official. Yesterday, in three simul-taneous ceremonies across the former USA, three new presidents were inaugurated. Overnight, the job of running the country has been split between Bush and two other household names – Schwarzenegger and Clinton. After more than seven years of unprecedented economic stagnation, growing deficits, escalating...

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