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Please get richer, Jeff Bezos

The world needs more value and growth
Dateline: 9 April 2025

Once again, Jeff Bezos is top of the Forbes World’s Billionaires list, just as he was four years ago in 2021. Jeff founded Amazon. Jeff got rich (it wasn’t quick). Now we need him to become even richer, and quickly. The world needs it; we need the value he creates, and the growth he enables.

That’s the thing about money. It only accrues to those who create value. Unless you’re crooked or a thief, you won’t become rich by destroying value, or making everyone else poorer. Building a business that produces value for customers and stakeholders, jobs for employees, and opportunities for other businesses, is the surest way to become sustainably wealthy. And if you do it as well as Jeff, you become super-rich.

Amazon is successful because it is obsessed with creating more value and better experiences for its customers. That includes most of us. Amazon also leverages digital tech to scale that success, and to provide platforms for other businesses to also be successful. It creates value, and also enables the creation of value. That’s why Amazon is super-successful.

Which is why we want Jeff to become even more wealthy; if he does, it means he’s creating more value, producing more opportunities, generating better investment returns. For all of us. For the world.

Yes, money is a harsh mistress. It comes to those who produce more than they consume; those that produce net added value. If you consume more than you produce, you’re bound to stay poor, and dependent on welfare or handouts. That’s why we say hooray for Jeff, and the rest of the super-rich. We need you to get richer.

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