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And the washing machine has gone crazy
Dateline: 1 January 2013

The internet of things has its drawbacks. Now that everything is connected, all the time, they don’t always play nice.

It’s annoying, when you’re sitting in a meeting, and you constantly get beeped by the microwave that your breakfast is ready, even though you ate it two hours ago!

It all started when I got that new app for the toaster. It promised me ‘perfect toast’ every time, no matter the weather or type of bread. But things just went downhill from there. Next thing I knew the fridge was complaining about the lack of milk, even though I’d just stocked up!

Then the washing machine kept ordering more powder, until the boxes were spilling into the yard. Now the damn microwave can’t stop chirping, even when I’ve left the house!

My car has got the bug too. It told me to avoid the underpass because of traffic, so I was late. My buddy came the other way and says everything was fine!

I feel like pulling the plug on all these smart machines. They are driving me crazy! At least my phone still understands me.

Thank goodness for SIRI. If I speak slowly, perhaps sanity will prevail, and things will return to normal.

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Warning: Hazardous Thinking at Work

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