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The ultimate cure for aging

It's not drugs or gene therapy
Dateline: 26 June 2024

In the last six years, a bunch of longevity entrepreneurs, or should I say aging researchers, have been seeking the holy grail: a way to slow down or even reverse the aging process. In other words, keep you living longer, and having healthier lives while you do so. For money, of course, but it’s a noble purpose, so no-one is complaining.

Now prominent geneticist and longevity evangelist Craig Vesper has announced that he has the answer, and it’s not a miracle drug, or even modifying your genes, although they do help in specific circumstances.

Before we reveal the solution to the age-old aging problem, let’s look at the remarkable strides that have been made in recent years. Improving socio-economic conditions, and access to general healthcare, as well as smarter medical protocols, have seen life expectancy rise in rich nations, as well as the poorest.

You will likely hear a futurist or trends analyst tell you that “the first person to live to 200 years has already been born.” Which is probably true. Global connectivity has helped spread medical knowledge and life-preserving skills to all parts of the world. The remarkably short-lived Ebola outbreak of 2018 is a case in point, where the epidemic was quickly defeated by new technology.

But extending lifespan to 180 years or more is a trickier prospect, and Dr Vesper has hit upon an unlikely, but patently obvious solution. Using artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, and clinical drug trials, in combination rather than isolation, has revealed the magic bullet – data.

“With full-genome data on literally millions of patients, and the ability to accurately link these to specific gene interventions and drug and supplement regimes, we can guarantee results for specific individuals,” he claims.

Have you submitted your data yet? It could buy you many more years!

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