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Science has more profound impact on society and living standards
Dateline: 12 January 2021
David Pescovitz today released his report: “For the last ten years, my colleagues and I at the Institute for the Future have been researching the state of science to identify big areas of science – the ones we think have had a transformative impact on the world over the past decade.” If you want a...

Older stories

New technology and the demands of an ageing population make cosmetic surgery one of the fastest growing industries in the world
Dateline: 14th October 2008
Ten years ago cosmetic surgery was the province of the young and the early middle-aged, but platelet technology has changed that. The use of platelet gel accelerates the healing pro-cess and has overcome previous complications in post-surgical recovery, making cosmetic sur-gery a viable process for the elderly. Today, one in six people in the West...
Home users embrace cheap bacterial fuel cells, leaving the utilities dependent on business customers. Is it too little, too late?
Dateline: 29 February 2016
After reporting a massive loss in sales to the domestic sector, Electricité de France, the world’s largest utility, announced today that its survival would depend on selling power to business customers. The global energy industry has been through a decade marked by consolidation and technological development. While solar and wind power held promise as potential...
‘One China’ is the response as Taiwan formally declares independence
Dateline: 10 July 2008
The world held its breath today as a superpower conflict erupted in East Asia. In response to Taiwan’s formal declaration of independence, China is mar-shalling its invasion forces. The USA and Japan have countered by announcing they are ready to intercede immediately. Amidst rising tension and furious global diplomatic activity, armed forces are on full...
Instant genetic profiles and personal prescriptions short-circuit clinical trials
Dateline: 1 October 2009
Life Sciences company Millennium Pharmaceuticals and its joint venture partner, DNAture Group, announced today that up to five years can be cut off new drug delivery by short circuiting clinical trials. Recent ground-breaking developments in pharmaceutical genomics now enable individuals to access unique treatments based on their own genetic blueprints. The increasingly effective design of...
Dateline: 3 February 2009
Global markets reeled today as America announced a total embargo on oil imports from the Middle East. The move effectively smashes the stranglehold of OPEC. At the beginning of her second term in office, President Hillary Rodham Clinton said the decision was in the interests of national security. America’s fervent nationalism is the result of...
There's no money in this bank at all!
Dateline: 21 June, 2007
If forecasts prove correct this could turn out to be the world’s most valuable bank. DNAture World Inc was launched yesterday as the world’s most ambitious project yet to keep your genetic information secure and available for trade. Based not in the City of London, but in the lush green countryside of Berkshire, the launch...
On the eve of a planned attack in the UK, the notorious terrorist Black Hammer is captured by Smart Dust
Dateline: 16 September 2008
Just hours before a planned terrorist attack of monstrous proportions, the elusive Black Hammer, the world’s most wanted terrorist, was captured today at Heathrow Airport. Black Hammer’s capture is the result of a magnificent collabo-ration between the anti-terrorist forces of four nations and the Big Brother technology of Smart Dust. For nearly two years, Black...
London’s new South Bank bathes in brilliant white light as the incandescent light bulb shatters
Dateline: 7 January, 2010
The lights went up last night in London as South Bank, the capital city’s new theatre and arts complex, was unveiled. But this was no ordinary illumination. Overlooking the River Thames, South Bank has been hailed as an architectural masterpiece – and it boasts the most advanced lighting techno-logy in the world. The energy-saving lights...
AT&T introduces BE ME 'conscious software' and says goodbye to its HR department
Dateline: 8 September 2010
If you are an employee of AT&T and ring the HR department tomorrow morning, you will be not be talking to a human being. You could be talking to Millie, Sam or Susan: they might look like a person on your videophone or your PC screen, but they are virtual beings. These are the most...
The credit card game is over - the mobile phone wins
Dateline: 3 August 2009
Some of the most powerful icons of 20th Century capitalism were finally shut down last night by a real 21st Century villain: the mobile phone. Over the past seven years, since the early years of the decade, the mobile phone has proved to be a real business terrorist. It wrenched people from their place of...

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